2. The long-expected ‘Kado Ichika Style Ryoba Kashibasami’ (specialized spring scissors with double-edged blades) (budget-friendly version) is now available for sale!
    3. Please pre-order on our official site!
    4. *Only 30 pairs in supply per month
    5. The first batch has been sold out and the next batch won’t be available until late June. Delivery of that will be about 2 months later from now on.
    6. Delivery will start in order at the arrival of the next batch.
    7. From material selection to tool-making, Kado Ichika Style Ryoba Kashibasami is 100% made in Japan and every detail is delicate enough to offer you a great using experience of wagashi tools.
    8. Designed for cutting the typical middle line of the pedal of Hasamigiku (scissor-cutting chrysanthemum), an extra blade on the back of the scissors is the highlight of this piece of work. Therefore, actually altogether this is a pair of 3-blade scissors.
    9. Different from the traditional scissors, this piece is added with a brake so as to let the blades fit perfectly when they meet.
    10. The blade on the back is only suitable for cutting (not cutting off) the middle line of the pedal, which is not that sharp as the inner blades. Generally there’re no worries of cutting yourself.
    11. *Please note that it can still hurt when you forcefully or wrongly use the blade on the back (such as a strong grip or pull).
    12. Kado Ichika Style
      Junichi Mitsubori, Master of Kado
    13. Works of wagashi by Junichi Mitsubori

    Kado Ichika Style Ryoba Kashibasami (budget-friendly version)


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